Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University was established in Northern Cyprus in 1979. The university ranked among the top 1,500 universities around the world.

The university includes about 20,000 students and 1,100 academic professors from 35 different countries.

Ranked among the top 5% of the world’s elite universities in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

Eastern Mediterranean University is a member of the International Association of Universities, the Association of European Universities, the Community of Mediterranean Universities, and the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World. It also holds several international recognitions such as (ABET) for the College of Engineering and (ACA) for the College of Communications and other international recognitions.

Eastern Mediterranean University offers a wide array of high-quality education programs, including 108 Postgraduate Programs, 103 Postgraduate Programs (Diploma or Technical Diploma), and an English Language Preparation School.

  • It has a high quality of education in north cyprus
  • The University comprises 12 faculties, with a strong focus on medical majors such as Medicine, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Its infrastructure is developed and equipped with modern technology in all classrooms, meeting and conference rooms, labs, and laboratories.
  • The official language at the University is an English
  • The University enables students to spend a semester or two semesters at any of the universities cooperating with the European Union in 13 different countries, such as Italy, the United States of America, Canada, Austria, China, and other countries.
  • It includes over 30 of the research centers and a number of museums, galleries and other rooms
  • It has a health center that includes of specialized doctors and a private ambulance
  • It includes a vast library containing books, research papers, audiovisual references, and publications, aiming to support educational and research activities.

American Accreditation Board of Engineering (ABET)
Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN)
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
Architectural Accreditation Board (MIAK).
European Universities Association (EUA).
International Association of Universities (IAU).
Association of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).
European Center for Public Relations and Research (EUPRERA).
Member of the European Association for Research and Communication (ECREA).
European Quality Network for Informatics Education (Euro-Inf Label).
Association of Mediterranean Universities (CMU).
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).
International Business Administration Accreditation Association (FIBAA).

Upon admission to EMU, the majority of international students receive a 50% tuition scholarship, making it one of the most preferred choices for students worldwide. This is due to the wide range of scholarships available, attracting students from diverse backgrounds.

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Undergraduate Programs :

Faculty of Arts & Science

  • Mathematics and Computer Science (B.S.)
  • Translation and Interpretation (B.А.)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (B.S.)
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • Actuarial Science

School of Applied Science (Banking & Finance)

  • Banking and Finance (B.S.)
  • Banking and Insurance (B.S.)
  • International Trade and Business (B.А.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)
  • Management Information Systems (B.S.)
  • Marketing
  • Human Recourses Management (B.S.)
  • International Finance (B.S.)

Faculty of Architecture

  • Architecture (B.Arch.)
  • Interior Architecture (B.Arch.)

Faculty of Education

  • English Language Teaching (B.А.)
  • Guidance and Psychological Counselling

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering (B.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (B.S.)
  • Industrial Engineering (B.S.)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.S.)
  • Information System Engineering (B.S.)
  • Management Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (B.S.)
  • Software Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronics and communications engineering
  • Business Administration (B.A.)
  • International Relations (B.A.)
  • Political Science
  • Economics (B.A.)
  • Public Administration (B.A.)

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy (B.Pharm.)
  • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
  • Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) (with Kerman University)

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine PhD (Ph.D.)
  • Medicine (Joint program with Iran University of Medical Sciences)

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

  • Public Relations and Advertising (B.А.)
  • Radio, Television and Film Studies (B.А.)
  • Animation and Game design
  • Visual Art and Visual Communication Design (B.А.)

Faculty of Tourism

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (B.S.)

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Dental Medicine (collaborative program with IUMS)

Master Programs :

With Thesis

  • Architecture (MS)
  • Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (MSc)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc) (online program)
  • Chemistry (MSc)
  • Civil Engineering (MSc)
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Computer Engineering (MSc)
  • Cultural Heritage Studies (collaborative with METU &
  • Politecnico di Milano)
  • Diplomacy and Conflict Management
  • Economics (MA)
  • Energy Economics and Finance (MSc)
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (MSc)
  • English Language Teaching (MA)
  • General Psychology (MSc)
  • Gender Studies (MA)
  • Industrial Engineering (MSc)
  • International Relations (MA)
  • Interior Architecture (MSc)
  • Information & Communication Technologies in
  • Education (MSc)
  • Mathematics (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MA)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
  • Physics (MSc)
  • Tourism Management (MA)
  • Urban Design (MSc)

Without Thesis

  • Architecture (M.Arch)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc)
  • Banking and Finance (MSc) (online program)
  • Computer Engineering (MSc)
  • Comparative Legal Systems (Joint Program with University of Bologna)
  • Digital Media and Film (MSc)
  • Economics (MA)
  • English Language Teaching (MA)
  • Engineering Business Management (М.S.C.) (collaborative program with Warwick University)
  • Hotel Management (MSc) (online program)
  • Human Resources Management (MA)
  • Information Systems (MSc)
  • Information & Communication Technologies in Education (MSc)
  • Information Technology (M. Tech)
  • Interior Architecture (M. Arch)
  • International Relations (MA)
  • Industrial Engineering (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MA)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management (M.S.C.) (collaborative program with Warwick University)
  • Tourism Management (MSc)
  • Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design (MA)
  • Urban Design (M.U.D)

PhD Programs :

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • International Relations (Ph.D.)
  • Finance (Ph.D.)
  • Economics (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Education

  • English Language Teaching (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies

  • Communication and Media Studies (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Engineering

  • Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Architecture

  • Architecture (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Physics (Ph.D.)

Faculty of Tourism

  • Tourism Management (Ph.D.)

Diploma Programs :

School of Computing and Technology

  • Computer Programming and Information Technology (A.С.Р.)

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Tourism and Hospitality (A.A.S.)
  • Civil Aviation Cabin Services

Tuition Fees :-

Undergraduate Programs :

FacultyYearsAnnual Fees
Medicine6 $18,250
Dentistry5 $17,048
Pharmacy5 $8,683
Other Undergraduate Programs4 $4,838-$5,847
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

Master Programs :

YearsAnnual Fees
With Thesis2 $7,552
Without Thesis2 $8,360
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

PhD Programs :

YearsAnnual Fees
In English Language4 $12,913
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

Diploma Programs :

YearsAnnual Fees
All Diploma Programs2$6٬279٫00
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

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