Near East University established in 1984 in northern Cyprus

The university is accredited and recognized internationally, The university holds quality certificates from various powerful international organizations.

Ranked by the Times World University Rankings 2021 as 30th in the world and 2nd globally
Turkish universities and First in Northern Cyprus

Near East University has widely developed among other Universities; consequently, it became one of the highest educational institutions and cultural centers in Cyprus.

The University of the Near East is characterized  by the availability of many Faculties and departments that are rarely taught in other universities in the world, Where the university contains 16 Faculties, such as the faculty of Medicine, as the faculty of Dentistry, as the faculty of Pharmacy, as the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as the faculty of Engineering and many other faculties.

Near East University has more than 26000 Students , 16 faculties, 220 departments, branches and majors, 4 vocational institutes for more than 200 master’s and doctoral programs, 4 institutes, 28 research centers.

  • English is the official language for the academic programs at the University
  • The University focuses on improving the quality of education, so it continuously develops the programs .
  • It is a member in many of the international unions; it is a member in the European University Association (EUA) that represents over 800 institutions, International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI), and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW)
  • The university is ranked among the top 2000 universities in the world according to the latest statistics from the global Webometrics website for the World Ranking of Universities in 2018. Its excellent global ranking speaks highly of its academic standing.
  • The University also provides cultural activities, it has one of the largest libraries in cyprus, and the University includes theaters, GYM, Sports centers, Olympic swimming pool, and other facilities in addition to the educational centers
  • It not only focuses on the academic programs but also motivate students to participate in the student activities, to help them improve their skills .
  • The university has more than 25 thousand students from 65 different countries.
  • It includes 28 research center and a University hospital that considered as one of the most developed health centers in Cyprus
  • It has three hospitals : Medicine Hospital, Dental Hospital, Veterinary Hospital.

International Association of Universities (IAU)
European Universities Association (EUA)
Turkish Board of Higher Education (YÖK)
European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE)
Association of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).
Perennial Perennials Board (NAAB).
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).
Educational Excellence Membership (EDEXCEL).
European Center for Public Relations and Research (EUPRERA).
Membership of the International Federation of Pharmaceuticals (FIP).
European Quality Foundation for Engineering (EUR-ACE).
European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)
International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).
Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Science and Mathematics (ASIIN).
International Business Administration Accreditation Association (FIBAA).

At NEU, international students receive a 50% tuition scholarship upon admission, except for medicine and dentistry programs.

When applying through the North Cyprus Universities platform, we guarantee that you will receive a Scholarship at Near East University, which may reach up to 100%. Additionally, we provide many free services, including admission issuance, registration completion, housing insurance, and more. APPLY NOW!

Undergraduate Programs :

  1. Medicine
  2. Dentistry
  3. Veterinary Medicine
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Computer Engineering
  7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  8. Food Engineering
  9. Mechatronics Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Automotive Engineering
  12. Information Systems Engineering
  13. Software Engineering
  14. Bioengineering
  15. Medical Equipment Engineering
  16. Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  17. Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering
  18. Aviation Engineering
  19. Marine Engineering
  20. Architecture
  21. Interior Architecture
  22. Graphic Design
  23. Law
  24. Marine Studies
  25. Maritime Administration
  26. Banking and Financial
  27. Business Administration
  28. Human Resource Management
  29. International Business Administration
  30. European Union Relations
  31. Economy
  32. International Relations
  33. Marketing
  34. Political Science
  35. Knowledge Management
  36. Information Systems
  37. Journalism
  38. Radio, Television, and Cinema
  39. Public Relations and Advertising
  40. Visual Communication Design
  41. Cartoon and Animation
  42. Film Production and Publishing
  43. Islamic Studies
  44. Psychology
  45. Molecular Science and Genetics
  46. Mathematics
  47. Translation
  48. Tourism and Hotel Management
  49. Nursing
  50. Occupational Health and Safety
  51. Audiology
  52. Healthcare Management Department
  53. Performing Arts
  54. Theater
  55. Turkish Language and Literature
  56. Computer Learning and Educational Technology
  57. Hearing-Impaired Teacher
  58. Classroom Teacher
  59. Teaching Mentally Disabled

Master Programs :

  1. Analytical Chemistry
  2. Anatomy
  3. Arabic Language and its Literature
  4. Architecture
  5. Art History
  6. Artificial Intelligence Engineering
  7. Arts and Design
  8. Banking and Accounting
  9. Banking and Finance
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Biology and Medical Genetics
  12. Biophysics
  13. Biostatistics
  14. Business Management
  15. Chemistry
  16. Child Health and Disease Nursing
  17. Civil Engineering
  18. Clinical Engineering
  19. Clinical Pharmacology
  20. Clinical Psychology
  21. Computer Engineering
  22. Computer Information Systems
  23. Construction Management
  24. Creative Drama in Education
  25. Criminal Psychology
  26. Drama
  27. Economy
  28. Educational Administration and Supervision
  29. Educational Programs and Teaching
  30. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  31. English Language and Literature
  32. Environmental Education
  33. Environmental Science Engineering
  34. European Union Relations
  35. Fine Arts
  36. Folklore Education
  37. Food Engineering
  38. Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology
  39. Fundamentals of Nursing Administration
  40. General Psychology
  41. Geography
  42. Graphic Design
  43. Histology and Embryology
  44. History Teaching
  45. Human Resource Management
  46. Information Systems Engineering
  47. Innovation and Knowledge Management
  48. Interior Architecture
  49. Internal Medicine Nursing
  50. International Business
  51. International Law
  52. International Relations
  53. Landscape Architecture
  54. Maritime Law
  55. Marketing
  56. Marketing Management
  57. Mathematics
  58. Mechanical Engineering
  59. Mechatronics Engineering
  60. Media and Communication Studies
  61. Medical Biochemistry
  62. Medical and Clinical Microbiology
  63. Medical Biotechnology
  64. Medical Equipment Engineering
  65. Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatry
  66. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  67. Music
  68. Neurology
  69. Nursery
  70. Nursing
  71. Nutrition and Diet
  72. Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
  73. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  74. Occupational Health and Safety
  75. Ottoman Paleography and Archiving
  76. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
  77. Pharmaceutical Botany
  78. Pharmacology
  79. Physical Education and Sports
  80. Physics Engineering
  81. Physiology
  82. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  83. Phytotherapy
  84. Political Science
  85. Private Education
  86. Psychological Guidance and Guidance
  87. Public Health Nursing
  88. Public Law
  89. Science Teaching
  90. Security Studies
  91. Software Engineering
  92. Special Law
  93. Surgical Nursing
  94. Teaching English
  95. Teaching Arts and Crafts
  96. Teaching Computers and Educational Technologies
  97. Teaching Human Resource Development
  98. Teaching Mathematics
  99. Teaching Measurement and Evaluation
  100. Teaching the Turkish Language
  101. Tourism Management
  102. Toxicology
  103. Turkish Language and Literature
  104. Zoo Technologies

PhD Programs :

  1. Allergy and Immunology
  2. Analytical Chemistry
  3. Animal Nutrition and Nutrition Diseases
  4. Arts and Design
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Biology and Medical Genetics
  8. Biomedical Engineering
  9. Biostatistics
  10. Business Management
  11. Child Health and Disease Nursing
  12. Civil Engineering
  13. Clinical Pharmacology
  14. Dental Restorative
  15. Economy
  16. Educational Administration, Supervision, and Planning
  17. Educational Programs and Teaching
  18. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  19. Folklore Education
  20. Food Technologies
  21. Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing Administration
  22. Health Management
  23. Histology and Embryology
  24. History Teaching
  25. Innovation and Knowledge Management
  26. Interior Architecture
  27. Internal Medicine Nursing
  28. International Law
  29. International Relations
  30. Management of Health Institutions
  31. Maritime Law
  32. Mechanical Engineering
  33. Media and Communication Studies
  34. Medical Biochemistry
  35. Medical and Clinical Microbiology
  36. Mental Health Nursing and Psychiatry
  37. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  38. Nutrition and Diet
  39. Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
  40. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  41. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  42. Periodontal Disease
  43. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
  44. Pharmaceutical Botany
  45. Physical Education and Sports
  46. Physics Engineering
  47. Physiology
  48. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  49. Phytotherapy
  50. Political Science and International Relations
  51. Private Education
  52. Psychological Guidance and Guidance
  53. Public Health Nursing
  54. Public Law
  55. Endodontics
  56. Surgical Nursing
  57. Teaching English
  58. Teaching Computers and Educational Technologies
  59. Veterinary Internal Medicine
  60. Veterinary Microbiology
  61. Zoo Technologies
  62. Anatomy
  63. Architecture
  64. Computer Engineering
  65. Computer Information Systems
  66. Drugs
  67. Environmental Education
  68. General Psychology
  69. Graphic Design
  70. Mathematics
  71. Music
  72. Nursery
  73. Nursing
  74. Orthodontics
  75. Pharmacology
  76. Special Law
  77. Toxicology

Diploma Programs :

  1. Pharmaceutical Services
  2. Dialysis
  3. Documentation and Medical Secretarial
  4. First Aid and Emergency Aid
  5. Medical Imaging Techniques
  6. Operating Room Services
  7. Natural Therapy
  8. Dental and Oral Health
  9. Computer Programming
  10. Electronic Technology
  11. Accounting and Taxes
  12. Applied English and Translation
  13. Banking and Insurance
  14. Cinema
  15. Sports Management
  16. Tourism and Hotel Management

Tuition Fees :-

Undergraduate Programs :

FacultyYearsAnnual Fees
Other Undergraduate Programs4€2,665
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

Master Programs :

YearsTerm Fees
With Thesis2 $1,030
Without Thesis2 $1,030
Business majors2 $2,900
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

PhD Programs :

YearsAnnual Fees
In English Language4 $10,800-$16,000
in Turkish Language4 $10,800-$16,000
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

Diploma Programs :

YearsAnnual Fees
All Diploma Programs2 $2,655
*All Prices include a 50% scholarship.

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